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The Future Of The Internet

directoapp Inc. is a Web3 company building in the future of the freelance market and social community.


directoapp is the first Web3 freelance marketplace. Available in over 180 countries to provide a secure, cross-border seamless community for shopping, offering services, and collaboration. Our Web3 platform allows faster transactions and fewer fees, so shoppers pay less and freelancers are able to earn more.

directopp social community is for creatives to come together to launch ideas and collaborate. A playground for Web3 Blockchain enthusiasts to explore and reach past the surface to connect to the masses.

directoapp API solution is software for everyday consumers and centralized organizations. Our solutions provide a seamless bridge to build Web3 and Blockchain awareness and mass adoption for everyday use.

directoapp Inc. is a company built on community.

For the People by the people. We build community-driven ecosystems, where creative individuals are able to bring their ideas to life. Join our community to become part of the future of the internet.

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